Cow Games

Have fun playing these free cattle games.
Some are quick and easy.
Some are quite hard.
Play by yourself or with friends!

Most of these games require Java. If they don't work for you, please download Java.
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Concentration. A classic match the pictures game. Test your memory.

Number Jump

See if you can reveal the image! This one is hard to win.

Pen the cow!  Just use the arrow keys to direct the cow to the pen. 

Can you un-jumble the letters in the puzzle to find your favorite breed of cattle?

Search-A-Word - Find the hidden words in this interactive online puzzle.

How many moves will it take you to reassemble the picture?

Color the cow! There is also a cowboy picture for you to color.

Get the car out of the crowded parking lot.

Run your own business. Operate this Lemonade Stand and see how much you can sell and how much profit you can make.


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